The ASSURE Nurse Navigator Program

ASSURE Nurse Navigators provide a guiding voice for patients and their caregivers during treatment. They are dedicated nurses* who offer customized no-cost telephone support.

ASSURE Nurse Navigators can help patients and their caregivers:

  • Connect to a Local Care Center (alternative treatment site) and schedule the first appointment
  • Make appointment reminders and follow-up calls
  • Help reschedule appointments
  • Coordinate transportation options, where available
  • Assist with insurance coverage, reimbursement, patient transition, and similar issues
  • Supply treatment team resources and patient education materials

The ASSURE Nurse Navigator offering is available in 260 languages. ASSURE Nurse Navigators can follow patients even when they change their setting of care, but the program is optional. Patients and their caregivers may discontinue at any time.

*ASSURE Nurse Navigators are employees of AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services, Inc. (“ABCS”). Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. (“OAPI”) assumes no responsibility for and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any information or assistance provided by ABCS. ASSURE Nurse Navigators do not provide medical advice.


Connect with an ASSURE Nurse Navigator by first talking to your doctor about enrolling in the ASSURE Program.

Find Transportation

To help patients get to and from the treatment provider, use the tool below to see your state’s transportation offerings.

Find Transportation Near You

Find a Local Care Center

Local Care Centers (LCCs) are alternate treatment locations (retail pharmacies, urgent care clinics, dialysis centers, and infusion centers) where patients can receive their prescribed
ABILIFY MAINTENA treatment from a licensed healthcare professional.



No. ASSURE Nurse Navigators do not provide injections; they provide telephone support only. To find an injection provider in your neighborhood, please use our Local Care Center finder tool.